How One Facebook Group Has Proven to Be Successful

Christopher DeMaio
4 min readSep 13, 2021


Facebook Groups have been around for more than ten years. First introduced in October 2010, Facebook Groups have been a gathering place for like-minded people to discuss topics, share ideas and inspiration, and build friendships, loyalty and trust (Sraders, 2018). There are Facebook Groups for just about anything a person can think of.


Stoney Clover Lane Lovers

One Facebook Group that I have joined over time is called Stoney Clover Lane Lovers. This group has over 2,000 members, and consists of loyal customers and fans of the brand, Stoney Clover Lane. For those who are not familiar, Stoney Clover Lane is a customizable accessories brand that features items such as: backpacks, duffle bags, various sized pouches, and so much more.


In March 2021, Stoney Clover Lane Lovers was created by a group of Stoney Clover Lane customers, and has grown its community to over 2,000 members in just six months. This group is not affiliated with the brand in any way, and is not ran by any employees of the company.

The members of this group are very active, with this group seeing around 20 posts per day. These posts include questions that need answered, ideas and inspiration, recent purchase hauls, and sales and trades. Each post creates a conversation amongst its members.


Some might argue that the success of a Facebook Group is based on the amount of members the group has (Ryan & Lockwood, 2019). This cannot be further from the truth. A Facebook Group’s success is from the engagement within the group. If the members of the group feel welcomed, accepted, and are willing to interact and engage with the other members — that is a successful Facebook Group.

Facebook, Stoney Clover Lane

Stoney Clover Lane Lovers is an example of a successful Facebook Group because the Admins of this group take their responsibilities very seriously. Because this group is not run by the brand, the Admins are able to monitor and control the content of the posts. They understand the wants and needs of the members, and are able to connect with each person on a personal level. The Admins make sure to remind its members of their rules and guidelines. They do not tolerate price gauging, and they do not allow bullying of any kind. They make sure this Facebook Group is a safe place for everyone.


What I love about this group is that if a member of this group is looking for a specific item, other members are quick to point them in the right direction. If a member posts their latest purchase, there is nothing but support, encouragement, and praise in return. It is such an uplifting and positive space that everyone feels comfortable enough to connect and contribute.

On a personal note, this Facebook Group has brought a lot of wonderful people into my life. I have made a handful of friends that I talk to outside of the group. The connections that I made might have started because of our love for Stoney Clover Lane, but has grown into an undeniable friendship. A group of us actually just booked a trip together next month to meet for the first time in person! That is why this group is a success in my eyes. ♡

WDW Magazine

If you’re a Stoney Clover Lane customer, supporter, or fan looking for your people, you can request access to the Facebook Group community here.


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